IoTAbench: an Internet of Things Analytics benchmark

The commoditization of sensors and communication networks is enabling vast quantities of data to be generated by and collected from cyber-physical systems. This “Internetof-Things” (IoT) makes possible new business opportunities, from usage-based insurance to proactive equipment maintenance. While many technology vendors now offer “Big Data” solutions, a challenge for potential customers is understanding quantitatively how these solutions will work for IoT use cases. This paper describes a benchmark toolkit called IoTAbench for IoT Big Data scenarios. This toolset facilitates repeatable testing that can be easily extended to multiple IoT use cases, including a user’s specific needs, interests or dataset. We demonstrate the benchmark via a smart metering use case involving an eight-node cluster running the HPVertica analytics platform. The use case involves generating, loading, repairing and analyzing synthetic meter readings. The intent of IoTAbench is to provide the means to perform “apples-to-apples” comparisons between different sensor data and analytics platforms. We illustrate the capabilities of IoTAbench via a large experimental study, where we store 22.8 trillion smart meter readings totaling 727 TB of data in our eight-node cluster.

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