International Communication Association

For the first time in 67 years, ICA 2017 held an exhibition. 31 innovative media projects were showcased during the official opening of the conference.

Our work was selected from among 72 submissions hailing from 4 continents! M-ITI represented Portugal with the transmedia project Há-Vita and Fragments of Laura by our researchers Claudia and Deborah.
Congratulations to all the creative and skilled team.

Madeira Film Festival 2017

M-ITI and the University of Texas at Austin (Department of Radio-Television-Film) in collaboration with the Madeira Film Festival (MFF) organized the Madeira Film Festival – Interactive Digital Stories Track. From April 17-23, 10 selected films in the category of Interactive Digital Cinema were shown in the Salão Nobre at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre.

The FOL & HÁ-VITA team marked their presence at the opening day event by presenting our work to the audience.

In the following days, we also attempt to run some user testings with the possible visitors of the exhibition. But after 2 days of being in the theatre testing the app and website, we found several problems with the app and that was essential for the experience to work, without that working, it was hard to have valuable feedback. 

Team @ Interactive Digital Stories Track

Beta Release promo material


Há-Vita: a Participatory media website

A refined new version of the Há-vita website is almost ready to be released online. Logos, icons and each page were designed and implemented in WordPress. The main content and video interviews were created covering all the 7 main topics/categories of FOL story.

Still, some final touches need to be considered. Take a look at the progress:


3D Audio

In the last week, we received a visit from our colleague Eduardo Magalhães from INESC- Porto, an expert in interactive audio content creation for Virtual Environments and 3D Audio Capture and Implementation.

His visit aimed in a collaboration to help us improve the quality and immersion of our interactive story: Motion Comics videos + 360º scene, since we felt the need to focus on the audio and sound effects of FOL. Eduardo worked a few days on the island, doing what he does best, capturing sound for further recreation of 3D audio.

Sound Capture by Eduardo Magalhães


FOL on going

In the last few months the transmedia team are giving their best to better improve every single detail on the FOL experience in terms of:

  • Content improvement: script and dialogue refinement, add new characters, rewrite ending scene 
  • Motion Comics: improve the animations of the visuals, add more dynamism to the scenes, shortening time of the videos
  • Sound improvements: Re-record some of the voiceovers; work on sound design taking into account the outside setting; add sound effects
  • Pharmacy Scene: add sound effects, add animation scene of “making the poncha”
  • App: Unity implementation, Design,  fixing GPS problems, implementing beacons trigger

Everything is progressing quite well and soon we’ll be ready for a beta release, and a new round of user testings.


We have been studying and exploring t requirements and design choices for the Há-vita- interactive web platform. Meanwhile, we also have been working on the video interviews to be uploaded on the website, concerning:

  • Video Transcriptions
  • Video  Cutouts
  • Video Storyboards
  • Video Complementary images (B-roll).

Here are some rough draft ideas for the website: