Research Award- IoT.

We are pleased to announce that prof Valentina Nisi was awarded the Google Technology Research Award Pilot of the Internet of Things – IoT.

The project submitted is called iBeFUN (iBeacons for Fun) and is led by professor Valentina, Mara and Paulo. iBeFUN will explore the use of Google technologies in location dependent stories, applicable in the tourism industry. This project involves the installation of several Google Beacons (low consumption Bluetooth sensors) at the streets of Funchal, to explore the ways people interact with immaterial media content (like rumors), and to enhance the experiences inside and outside closed environments (museums, escape rooms, etc.).


User testing

A new round of user testing occurred.  It was evaluated the prototype: Fragments of Laura at Ponta do Sol Old Pharmacy -mobile VR cardboard version.  The testing consisted in : 1st- filling a pre- experience questionnaire; 2nd- watch the 360º VR narrative with the cardboard; 3rd- filling a pos- experience questionnaire related to the experience; 4th – Interview. We manage to get 32 users for the experiment. Each survey took around 20-25 minutes.

Next steps will be focusing on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from all surveys. The main purpose is use the data gathered  to submit a paper for ICIDS 2016.


Rui and Sandra are proceeding the work on modeling and rendering the characters for the storytelling experience.  They  are also looking up for scenarios/background references of Funchal in 19th century, to start designing the scenes. Some research on this matter was needed, so they went to DRAC and Regional Archive searching for further documentation.

laura and nuns mix