5th Annual Madeira Film Festival

This week, Funchal hosted the 5th Annual Madeira Film Festival. Rui and Sandra are designing posters for the event, and Prof. Dr Valentina Nisi was invited to give a talk on “Interactive Digital Stories”. On this matter the team also presented several demos to the audience. We took hold off the event, to test the demo on the old pharmacy scene implemented on the phone and Tango, to receive some feedback from users.


On the previous day the team went to the APM office for a meeting group to update the research developed in the last 3 months.

Major Spread

In a final push, we managed to install 20 more devices in the last month, resulting in a coverage of over 30 spots covering different cities around the island.

Major spread

Beanstalk tracking network

website novidades - 26 de Abril-01

website novidades - 26 de Abril-01

Tango joins the team

This month we have been developing a demo from one of the touch points of the experience,using the old pharmacy scene. It will consist in an 360º interactive game.

Pharmacy scene is going to be implemented in project tango.


Sandra and Rui are working on the models and textures of the characters and objects and also the animation.


Paulo is working on the implementation of the touch point using Unity 3D. Mara and Dina are writing the script and also responsible for the record of the sounds- characters and ambient.

We also worked on the submission of two research papers for the NORDICHI conference.