In the last weeks, a few successful tests were made to detect unusual events in the different locations, based on the number of daily devices. Those events were later compared with updated ground truth data from the airport to match the results and fine tune the algorithm parameters.

website novidades - 31 de Março-01

Detection of unusual events at several locations.

website novidades - 31 de Março-02

Ground truth data comparison from the airport.


Upon receiving the authorizations, 4 more Wi-Fi routers were installed in specific touristic points of Funchal, and we were also authorized to install them in the entry points of the island in collaboration with the airport and port.

website novidades - 20 de Março

and main screen for the Beanstalk platform

website novidades - 20 de Março-01

Wi-Fi routers installed in the entry points

Inbound vs Outbound movement

Further features were added to visualize the flow of people between the different spots in the city and inbound vs outbound movements. Attempt to develop nationality detection techniques based on the gathered information and SSID profiling.

website novidades - 18 de Março

Nationality detection based on SSID profiling.

website novidades - 18 de Março-01

Weekly report

In the weekly meeting we catch up from all the subjects and developments achieved in the last month. A BTL presentation and overall feedback from the field trip was given to the group, so that we find solutions on the design of the experience.

We also welcomed our youngest members of the team, Carlota and Duarte, who will be working on the dashboard platform.

APM Website

Our main goal is to study and develop a comprehensive social networking analysis model of marketing indicators for APM.

In order to achieve our goal we were going to study the website of APM to gather information about what the possible visitors/tourists look for when they are searching for Madeira Island. When studying the Promotion Agency of Madeira website we realized we couldn’t gather information of the user’s preferences because it’s a single web page and therefore we couldn’t track what they were searching for. So, we proposed to develop a new web site for the Promotion Bureau, designed in a way that will allow us to study the visitor’s preferences and also to give a fresh and more modern look to their web page.

Some work is being developed concerning the design, contents and the implementation of the website.

Beanstalk @ BTL

Since the group will be working on a prototype to be presented in fairs, we thought it would be convenient to do some research on the overall of this tourism fairs, their visuals, how they work, type of target audience and most important evaluate what type of approach is needed to facilitate the interaction with visitors. And that’s why, in the past 2nd to 6th of March Mara, Paulo, Rui, Sandra and Dina went on this field trip to BTL- International Tourism Exhibition in Lisbon, where APM takes part every year.

It was made some previous work concerning all the aspects we needed to evaluate: questionnaires, shadowing sessions and analysis from all the stands and main competitors of APM stand.

Here’s a sneak peek: