APM meeting

On the 28th of January we  had a group meeting with our partner- APM. APM got to know all the group members and a presentation with an update on the transmedia and tracking platform was made.  In the meeting we discussed the possibilities to integrate the transmedia experience in the tourism fairs where APM participates. The idea is to use this as an attraction point to facilitate the interaction between the association and its visitors.

At the same time Dina joined the team and got acquainted with the project itself.

Escape Room

This week kicked off with the preparation for the paper. We summarized all of the findings from the user tests and did some literature review. Additionally, most of the researchers enrolled and took part in an Escape Room activity, for team bonding purposes and to gather new ideas for possible implementation in the future.

First results

Today we achieved a milestone in the course of this project, as we created the very first visualizations for the data that we’ve been gathering. It is already interesting to notice some patterns in the everyday device count and flow.

website novidades - 13 de Fevereiro-01